Blaqnick, MasterBlaq & M.J – Dubula



Blaqnick, MasterBlaq & M.J – Dubula

“Dubula” is a captivating collaboration between Blaqnick, MasterBlaq, and M.J, showcasing their prowess in the Amapiano genre.

The track features hypnotic beats, infectious melodies, and dynamic basslines that will keep listeners hooked from start to finish.

Blaqnick and MasterBlaq recently collaborated when they also dropped The Underdogs EP.

Blaqnick, MasterBlaq, and M.J’s seamless production creates a euphoric atmosphere that is perfect for both club settings and laid-back listening sessions.

“Dubula” is a testament to the trio’s ability to create infectious dance floor anthems that resonate with audiences.

Blaqnick, MasterBlaq & M.J – Dubula

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