Darque – April (Original Mix)



Darque steps into the spotlight with the “April” Original Mix, a sonic composition that invokes emotions and transcends conventional Amapiano boundaries.

This track is a testament to Darque’s ability to craft immersive soundscapes, where each note becomes a brushstroke in a sonic painting.

The Original Mix is a testament to the artist’s prowess in creating aural experiences that captivate the listener.

Darque coupled it when he worked with Thandi Draai on Yonke.

The track’s ebb and flow reflect the changing moods of the month it’s named after, creating a sonic reverie that goes beyond the traditional Amapiano fare.

The track is an invitation to introspection, a sonic diary entry that captures the essence of a specific moment in time.

Darque – April (Original Mix)

Darque – Aprill (Original Mix)

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