Daskidoh & Pixie L – Ngifuna Wena ft. NtoMusica



Daskidoh & Pixie L – Ngifuna Wena ft. NtoMusica

Daskidoh and Pixie L work together in releasing this new track titled Ngifuna Wena featuring NtoMusica.

Daskidoh’s production is rich and layered, featuring the signature Amapiano elements of deep bass, vibrant percussion, and melodic piano lines that create an immersive listening experience.

Pixie L’s vocals are the highlight of the track, delivering a performance that is both emotive and powerful. Her voice carries the weight of the song’s lyrics, conveying the longing and passion that are at the heart of the track. NtoMusica’s contribution adds another dimension to the song, with harmonies and vocal lines that complement Pixie L’s performance beautifully.

Mandas recently released a new track titled Secret which also featured the effort of Pixie L.

Their combined vocal talents make “Ngifuna Wena” a standout track that is both moving and energetic.

The song’s arrangement is carefully crafted to build tension and release, with verses that lead seamlessly into a memorable chorus. The production is polished, with each element of the track carefully balanced to create a cohesive sound. The interplay between the vocals and the instrumental sections is particularly effective, with the piano and bass providing a solid foundation for the singers to shine.

It’s a track that invites listeners to dance while also connecting with the deeper emotions expressed through the lyrics and vocal performances.

Daskidoh & Pixie L – Ngifuna Wena ft. NtoMusica

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