De Mogul SA – PITSO ft. Decency



De Mogul SA – PITSO ft. Decency

De Mogul SA’s “PITSO” featuring Decency is a standout track that exemplifies the producer’s ability to craft soulful and infectious Amapiano compositions.

From the intricate melodies to the pulsating beats, “PITSO” is a testament to the emotional depth that Amapiano can convey.

Decency’s vocals add a layer of richness to the track, creating a harmonious balance between the uplifting instrumentals and heartfelt lyrics.

He made his recent when he dropped Undefined EP.

The synergy between De Mogul SA’s production and Decency’s vocal delivery results in a track that is not only danceable but also emotionally resonant.

De Mogul SA’s production finesse and Decency’s soulful contributions make “PITSO” a standout in the Amapiano landscape, embodying the genre’s capacity to create music that moves both the body and the soul.

De Mogul SA – PITSOO ft. Decency

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