De Mthuda – iMali ft. Yallunder



De Mthuda – iMali ft. Yallunder

“iMali” by De Mthuda featuring Yallunder is a captivating and rhythmically engaging track that blends vibrant beats and melodic arrangements.

The song opens with a fusion of pulsating rhythms, setting a lively and invigorating tone.

De Mthuda’s production prowess shines through, creating a dynamic sonic landscape that perfectly complements Yallunder’s captivating vocals.

The Amapiano producer continues to keep making waves. His recent was him collaborating with Da Muziqal Chef and Mzizi on Tshepo Ke TSHEPO.

“iMali” is an anthem for celebration and vivacity, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its infectious rhythms and spirited melodies.

The track’s vibrant tempo and captivating arrangements make it an ideal addition to playlists meant for lively gatherings, dancefloors, or any setting that calls for an electrifying ambiance.

De Mthuda – iMali ft. Yallunder

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