Deep Essentials – Never To Be Released EP



Deep Essentials – Never To Be Released EP

Deep Essentials, in a bold move, unveils the “Never To Be Released” EP, a sonic revelation that challenges the conventional norms of the music industry.

This collection becomes a testament to Deep Essentials’ commitment to pushing boundaries and delivering a unique auditory experience that defies expectations.

The EP becomes a canvas for experimentation, with beats, melodies, and atmospheric elements converging to create a tapestry that is both unpredictable and captivating. Deep Essentials has been doing his best so far as he recently when he dropped Koketso EP.

As the EP progresses, each track becomes a sonic revelation, offering a glimpse into Deep Essentials’ creative process and musical vision.

The EP becomes more than just a collection of tracks; it becomes a statement of artistic freedom and a declaration that true creativity knows no boundaries.

Deep Essentials – Never To Be Released EP

1. Deep Essentials – Peri Peri (Hot Sauce)

2. Deep Essentials – Your Time

3. Deep Essentials – Perere (TequilaGang Mix)

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