Deep Narratives & NAAK – Wushi



Wushi is a mesmerizing collaboration between Deep Narratives and NAAK that transcends genre boundaries, blending elements of deep house and Afro-tech to create a sonic masterpiece.

The track begins with an atmospheric intro, featuring ethereal synths and haunting melodies that set the mood.

As the beat kicks in, layers of intricate percussion and pulsating basslines drive the rhythm forward, creating a hypnotic groove that captivates the listener.

Deep Narratives recently worked with the likes of Argento Dust and Okmalumkoolkat on Yaze Yamnan.

Throughout the track, subtle variations and evolving textures keep the energy flowing, while the emotive melodies tug at the heartstrings.

Wushi is a testament to the artists’ creativity and skill, offering a musical journey that is both transcendent and immersive.

Deep Narratives & NAAK – Wushi

Deep Narratives & NAAK – Wushii

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