DJ Ngwazi – Fake Love ft. Dr Tawanda & Nelcy-B



DJ Ngwazi – Fake Love ft. Dr Tawanda & Nelcy-B

DJ Ngwazi releases this new track titled Fake Love featuring Dr Tawanda and Nelcy-B.

This collaboration brings together some of the most talented artists in the African music scene, resulting in a song that is both dynamic and memorable.

The production on “Fake Love” is lively and engaging, with DJ Ngwazi crafting a soundscape that invites listeners to dance and celebrate. The track opens with a catchy beat and rhythmic percussion, setting an upbeat and festive tone. As the song progresses, layers of bass, synths, and melodic elements are introduced, creating a rich and textured sound.

Cheez Beezy, Nthabi Sings, and DJ Ngwazi recently worked together on Nobody Else.

Dr Tawanda’s vocal performance is charismatic and engaging, delivering lyrics that explore themes of love, deceit, and resilience. His delivery is smooth and rhythmic, perfectly complementing the vibrant production. Nelcy-B’s contribution adds another layer of excitement to the track, with her dynamic and energetic delivery enhancing the overall sound.

The collaboration between DJ Ngwazi, Dr Tawanda, and Nelcy-B is seamless, resulting in a track that is both cohesive and beautifully crafted.

It’s a song that resonates with listeners, offering a blend of energetic production and engaging lyrics that captures the essence of love and resilience. This track is a must-listen for fans of Afrobeat and house music, offering a high-energy and unforgettable listening experience.

DJ Ngwazi – Fake Love ft. Dr Tawanda & Nelcy-B

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