DJ Stokie & Sobzeen – Sthandwa Sami ft. Lington



DJ Stokie & Sobzeen – Sthandwa Sami ft. Lington

“Sthandwa Sami” is a soulful collaboration between DJ Stokie, Sobzeen, and vocalist Lington. This track is a heartfelt expression of love and longing, set against a backdrop of melodic Amapiano beats and atmospheric production.

DJ Stokie’s production on “Sthandwa Sami” is emotive and evocative, with lush chords and gentle percussion that create a serene and introspective mood. The song unfolds with a delicate balance of rhythm and melody, allowing Lington’s vocals to shine through with their raw emotion and sincerity.

DJ Stokie, Zee_nhle, and Murumba Pitch recently formed a trio on Mali.

“Sthandwa Sami” is a testament to the emotional power of music, capturing the complexities of love and longing through its poignant lyrics and soulful melodies. It’s a song that resonates with listeners on a personal level, inviting them to immerse themselves in its beauty and sincerity.

These tracks highlight the diversity and creativity within the Amapiano genre, showcasing how artists can collaborate to create music that is both innovative and deeply resonant.

DJ Stokie & Sobzeen – Sthandwa Sami ft. Lington

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