Exte C & Céline Languedoc – Lagé Mwen



Exte C & Céline Languedoc – Lagé Mwen

Exte C and Céline Languedoc join forces on “Lagé Mwen,” a captivating track that blends deep house with soulful vocals to create a powerful and emotive musical experience.

The production on “Lagé Mwen” is rich and layered, with Exte C crafting a deep, immersive soundscape that provides the perfect backdrop for Céline Languedoc’s expressive vocals.

The track opens with a smooth, hypnotic groove, featuring deep bass lines, subtle percussion, and atmospheric synths that create a sense of depth and space. As the song progresses, additional elements are introduced, including melodic hooks and rhythmic variations that keep the listener engaged.

Exte C, Hypaphonik, and BiKie formed a trio when they dropped Lo Mfana (Buddynice & Roctonic SA Redemial Mix).

Céline Languedoc’s vocal performance is a highlight of the track, delivering the lyrics with emotion and intensity. Her voice soars over the instrumental, adding a soulful touch that enhances the track’s overall mood. The interplay between her vocals and the instrumental arrangement is seamless, creating a cohesive and captivating listening experience.

The lyrics, delivered in a mix of French and Creole, add an extra layer of depth and cultural richness to the track. The production quality is excellent, with a clean, polished sound that allows each element of the track to shine.

It’s a soulful and deeply moving piece of music that is sure to resonate with listeners and leave a lasting impression.

Exte C & Céline Languedoc – Lagé Mwen

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