Fka Mash & Da Capo – Life As You Know It



“Life As You Know It” by Fka Mash and Da Capo is a dynamic and rhythmically charged house track that exudes energy and style.

Fka Mash and Da Capo showcase their production expertise as they craft a rhythmically charged composition designed to get bodies moving on the dancefloor. The track features infectious beats, a catchy hook, and an atmosphere of celebration.

His recent was on his LAYKI EP.

The song captures the essence of a lively and carefree party, where the music serves as a soundtrack to a night of revelry.

With its infectious energy and dynamic production, “Life As You Know It” is poised to become a favorite on playlists for club nights and energetic gatherings, offering a taste of the electrifying nature of house music.

Fka Mash & Da Capo – Life As You Know It

Fka Mash & Da Capo – 

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