Gaba Cannal – Di Nolwane ft. Decency



Off his album, Gaba Cannal drops a new track with Decency titled Di Nolwane.

Coming off his album, Gaba has blessed his fans with a new Amapiano tune to vibe with for the weekend.

Di Nolwane sits at number 13th on the album, holding a very vital position on the album.

The album was opened with Not In My Senses which featured Dearson to complete the track with just what best he knows how to do. Rounding things up, they ended with Timeless Memories as he took the track himself and blessed his fans with unforgettable memories.

Other tracks he dropped off the album include; Ama Kot Kot where he featured Galectik and Red Button, Greater I Am (Live Mix) where he dropped a live mix of the album to his fans first to have a taste of what they’re expecting.

Blessing his fans for the weekend, he drops this one with Decency as they create an exciting heritage.

Gaba Cannal – Di Nolwane ft. Decency

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