Goldmax & Bistoh – Cross Over



Goldmax and Bistoh embark on a musical odyssey with “Cross Over,” a track that transcends genre boundaries and invites listeners on a sonic journey.

This collaboration is not just a song; it’s a fusion of musical elements that results in a vibrant and eclectic sound.

The track becomes a melting pot of genres, seamlessly integrating elements that cross over from one musical realm to another. The beats are dynamic, and the sonic landscape is ever-evolving, keeping listeners on the edge of anticipation.

Goldmax made his recent when he dropped Mali Talk featuring Sykes and Worst Behaviour.

Goldmax and Bistoh guide listeners through twists and turns, creating a track that defies categorization. “Cross Over” stands tall as a musical expression of freedom, where boundaries are meant to be crossed, and genres are meant to be explored.

Goldmax & Bistoh – Cross Over

Goldmax & Bistoh – Cross Over

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