Heavy-K – Andikayeki ft. Ami Faku



Heavy-K – Andikayeki ft. Ami Faku

“Andikayeki” by Heavy-K featuring Ami Faku is a soul-stirring Afro-house track that explores themes of love, longing, and heartache.

Heavy-K and Ami Faku deliver heartfelt and emotive vocals that tug at the heartstrings, conveying the emotions of love and longing. The production is characterized by lush instrumentals and a gentle rhythm that creates an atmosphere of vulnerability and passion.

He made his recent when he worked on Benzo’s track titled Isdenge featuring Lu Ngobo.

This track is a musical journey through the complexities of love and the power of heartfelt expression.

With its poignant melodies and emotional depth, “Andikayeki” is a timeless love ballad that celebrates the beauty of love and the universal experience of holding on to a cherished connection.

Heavy-K – Andikayeki ft. Ami Faku

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