JAE5 & Lojay – Dishonest ft. Tyler ICU & Sha Sha



JAE5 & Lojay - Dishonest ft. Tyler ICU & Sha Sha

“Dishonest” is a cross-continental collaboration that brings together the talents of JAE5 and Lojay with contributions from Tyler ICU and Sha Sha. This track not only transcends geographical boundaries but also blends musical influences seamlessly.

JAE5, known for his production prowess, creates a dynamic sonic landscape that serves as the foundation for the collaboration.

Lojay’s vocals add a distinctive Afro-fusion flavor, and his lyrical storytelling weaves a narrative that explores themes of love, desire, and the complexities that come with them. Tyler ICU made his recent when he worked on and Tyrone Dee’s track titled Nazonke featuring Chley, Mellow, and Sleazy.

The Amapiano influence, characterized by infectious beats and intricate percussion, enhances the track’s overall texture, making it a genre-blending experience.

Sha Sha, a vocal powerhouse in the Amapiano and Afro-house genres, contributes with her signature soulful voice, elevating the emotional depth of the song. Her vocal delivery complements Lojay’s, creating a harmonious interplay between the artists.

It’s a track that resonates with diverse audiences, offering a rich and multi-layered listening experience that showcases the best of each artist’s contribution.

JAE5 & Lojay – Dishonest ft. Tyler ICU & Sha Sha

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