Keylow, DJ Tarico & Xavi Yentin – Ngamula



Keylow, DJ Tarico & Xavi Yentin – Ngamula

“Ngamula” by Keylow, DJ Tarico & Xavi Yentin is a track that potentially brings together a fusion of diverse musical styles and influences, likely within the realm of Amapiano or Afrobeat music.

The collaboration between these artists hints at an energetic and rhythmically vibrant composition.

Keylow, known for their dynamic style, DJ Tarico, a notable figure in the Amapiano scene, and Xavi Yentin, who brings his unique musical flair, suggest an amalgamation of talents that could create an infectious and engaging track. He made his recent when he worked with Mthi HD on Chomie featuring Livin SZ, Pushkin, and Springle.

While specific details about the track may not be available yet, considering the artists involved, “Ngamula” could potentially be a lively and dance-inducing anthem that showcases the best of their musical expertise and collaborative spirit.

Keylow, DJ Tarico & Xavi Yentin – Ngamula

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