Lady Du & Aymos – Forever Yena ft. Em-One, Shino Kikai & MusicHlonza



Lady Du, Shino Kikai & DJ Khyber – Ekhaya

“Forever Yena” by Lady Du and Aymos, featuring Em-One, Shino Kikai, and MusicHlonza, is a heartfelt and soul-stirring Amapiano track that celebrates enduring love and commitment.

The title “Forever Yena,” which translates to “Forever Her/Him” in isiZulu, sets the tone for a song that explores deep emotional connections and everlasting bonds.

Lady Du’s expressive vocals convey a profound sense of devotion, while Aymos’ smooth and soulful voice complements her perfectly, creating a beautiful harmony that resonates throughout the track.

She released the new track from her latest project titled Underrtated EP.

The combination of deep basslines, rhythmic percussion, and gentle piano chords creates an immersive soundscape that draws listeners in.

“Forever Yena” is a celebration of love that endures the test of time, making it a perfect anthem for those special moments of togetherness and affection.

Lady Du & Aymos – Forever Yena (feat. Em-One, Shino Kikai & MusicHlonza)

Lady Du & Aymos – Forever Yenaa (feat. Em-One, Shino Kikai & MusicHlonza)

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