Lil Mö & LeeMcKrazy – ZONKE



Lil Mö & LeeMcKrazy – ZONKE

“Enter the vibrant sonic world of ‘ZONKE’ by Lil Mö & LeeMcKrazy, a track that radiates with infectious energy and pulsating beats.

This collaboration is an electrifying fusion of dynamic rhythms and captivating melodies, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in its vibrant soundscape.

LeeMcKrazy recently worked with DJ Father and Dsax on Uzozisola.

Lil Mö & LeeMcKrazy’s synergy creates an anthem that resonates with upbeat enthusiasm and rhythmic fervor.

‘ZONKE’ is an invitation to embrace the joyous vibe of its exuberant rhythm, offering a musical escape that uplifts the spirits.”

Lil Mö & LeeMcKrazy – ZONKE

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