Loki – Rutle ft. Blxckie & Loud Haileer



Loki – Rutle ft. Blxckie & Loud Haileer

“Rutle” by Loki featuring Blxckie and Loud Haileer is expected to be a dynamic collaboration that blends Loki’s distinctive style with the energetic contributions of Blxckie and Loud Haileer.

Loki, known for his versatile approach to music, may bring a mix of clever wordplay and engaging flows to the track.

Blxckie, a rising star in the South African hip-hop scene, could add his unique flavor to “Rutle,” contributing with his lyrical prowess and charismatic delivery.

Meanwhile, Loud Haileer’s involvement might introduce an additional layer of energy and vocal dynamics to create a well-rounded sonic experience. Loki made his recent when he worked with Boohle on Inkumbulo.

Anticipate a production that complements the artists’ performances, potentially featuring catchy beats, bold instrumentals, and an overall infectious vibe.

“Rutle” could be a track that resonates with fans of contemporary hip-hop, showcasing the collaborative prowess of Loki, Blxckie, and Loud Haileer.

Loki – Rutle ft. Blxckie & Loud Haileer

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