Major League DJz – All Night Long ft. Elaine & Yumbs



Major League DJz – All Night Long ft. Elaine & Yumbs

“All Night Long” is a collaborative track that features the talents of Major League DJz, Elaine, and Yumbs.

The song is a smooth and sultry R&B-infused track that showcases the artists’ versatility and ability to create a captivating musical atmosphere.

The track opens with a melodic and atmospheric instrumental introduction that immediately establishes a mellow and inviting tone. Elaine’s soulful vocals take center stage, delivering heartfelt lyrics that convey a sense of longing and romanticism.

The South African music duo kept the ball rolling on their end when they got featured on Soul Jam, Tman Xpress, and Jay Sax’s track titled Ngo’shisimali.

Major League DJz’s production creates a dreamy soundscape that complements the mood of the song. The arrangement is characterized by its subtle electronic elements and seamless integration of R&B and contemporary pop influences.

Yumbs’s vocal contribution adds a layer of depth and texture to the track, creating a harmonious blend with Elaine’s vocals. The interplay between their voices enhances the song’s emotional resonance.

The song’s romantic lyrics, melodic arrangement, and evocative atmosphere make it a perfect addition to playlists that celebrate love and intimacy.

Major League DJz – All Night Long ft. Elaine & Yumbs

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