Major League DJz – Piano City ft. Makhanji (EP16S2)



Major League DJz – Piano City” ft. Makhanji (EP16S2) is a standout episode in the acclaimed Piano City series, showcasing the dynamic collaboration between Major League DJz and the talented Makhanji.

This episode is a perfect blend of rhythmic mastery and melodic sophistication, typical of the Major League DJz’s signature Amapiano style.

The performance opens with an atmospheric introduction, featuring lush chords and subtle percussive elements that set a mellow yet engaging tone. Fans are still in anticipation of Major League’s release with the superstar, Wiz Khalifa.

The Amapiano DJs made their recent when they worked with Zee Nxumalo and LeemcKrazy on Abantu featuring Marlode, Owams x, Fluxx, and Piano City.

Makhanji’s presence adds a vibrant energy to the mix, with his vocal delivery providing a rich narrative layer that complements the instrumental backdrop.

The track transitions seamlessly between various Amapiano elements, including deep basslines, syncopated rhythms, and intricate piano melodies.

The live performance aspect of Piano City is highlighted in this episode, with both Major League DJz and Makhanji exhibiting exceptional synergy. The dynamic interplay between the DJ duo’s beats and Makhanji’s melodic inputs creates a captivating auditory experience that keeps the audience engaged from start to finish.

Major League DJz – Piano City ft. Makhanji (EP16S2)

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