Major League DJz & Victony – Margaret (Mas Musiq & Aymos Remix)



Major League DJz & Victony - Margaret EP

Mas Musiq and Aymos join forces to deliver a remix of Major League DJz & Victony’s “Margaret” that is a masterclass in harmonic fusion.

This remix is a testament to the collaborative brilliance within Amapiano, where artists seamlessly blend their talents to create a track that marries the familiar with the innovative.

The remix opens with Mas Musiq and Aymos infusing their Amapiano mastery into the beats, creating a harmonic landscape that resonates with sophistication.

Major League DJz dropped a whole lot of the remixes on Margaret EP.

Mas Musiq and Aymos showcase their ability to reimagine familiar compositions, creating a version of “Margaret” that transcends the ordinary.

The remix stands tall as a testament to the genre’s capacity for harmonic innovation and the artists’ collective commitment to pushing the boundaries of Amapiano.

Major League DJz & Victony – Margaret (Mas Musiq & Aymos Remix)

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