Major League Djz & Victony – Margaret (Song)



Major League Djz joins forces with Victony to deliver “Margaret,” a track that fuses the infectious beats of Amapiano with the lyrical depth of Hip-Hop.

This collaboration is a poignant exploration of sound, where each element contributes to a sonic narrative that captivates the audience.

The track unfolds as a storytelling masterpiece, with Victony’s verses weaving a narrative that resonates with authenticity. Major League Djz’s production finesse ensures that the Amapiano influence adds a layer of energy to the hip-hop canvas.

Major League DJz and Victony made the recent from their Margaret EP.

As “Margaret” progresses, it becomes a genre-blurring anthem that defies expectations. Major League Djz and Victony showcase their ability to traverse musical landscapes, creating a track that is both emotionally resonant and dancefloor-worthy.

Major League Djz & Victony – Margaret (Song)

Major League Djz & Victony – Margarett (Song)

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