Major League DJz & Victony – Margaret (Thakzin & Morda Remix)



Major League DJz & Victony - Margaret EP

Thakzin and Morda collaborate to create a remix of Major League DJz & Victony’s “Margaret” that is nothing short of sonic reverberation.

This remix is a testament to the artists’ ability to infuse the track with captivating elements, resulting in a composition that echoes with both familiarity and innovation.

The remix opens with Thakzin and Morda reimagining the beats, creating a rhythmic foundation that carries the essence of the original track.

Major League DJz dropped a whole lot of the remixes on Margaret EP.

As the beats reverberate, the remix invites listeners to immerse themselves in the evolving soundscape.

Thakzin and Morda showcase their ability to reimagine Amapiano, creating a version of “Margaret” that captivates the senses and resonates with the soul.

Major League DJz & Victony – Margaret (Thakzin & Morda Remix)

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