Makhanj – Ndisemsebenzini ft. Abidoza & Jay Sax



Makhanj – Ndisemsebenzini ft. Abidoza & Jay Sax

“Ndisemsebenzini” by Makhanj, featuring Abidoza and Jay Sax, is a soulful and evocative track that beautifully blends Amapiano with elements of jazz and Afrobeat.

Makhanj, known for his rich vocals and emotive performances, teams up with the talented producer Abidoza and the skilled saxophonist Jay Sax to create a song that is both uplifting and deeply moving.

The track opens with a mellow, jazz-infused piano melody, setting a serene and reflective tone. Abidoza’s production is subtle yet powerful, with layers of intricate percussions and a steady, grounding bassline that complements the melodic elements perfectly. The introduction of the saxophone, played by Jay Sax, adds a layer of sophistication and warmth, enhancing the track’s overall feel.

He also released iSipho which featured Kelvin Momo and Jay Sax.

Abidoza’s production skills shine through, with a perfect balance between the various elements of the track. The interplay between the smooth saxophone lines and the rhythmic Amapiano beats creates a rich and textured soundscape that is both soothing and engaging.

It’s a track that showcases the versatility of Amapiano and its ability to convey complex emotions while maintaining its danceable and rhythmic core. This song is perfect for both reflective moments and lively gatherings, making it a standout addition to any playlist.

Makhanj – Ndisemsebenzini ft. Abidoza & Jay Sax

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