MAXHOSA & Yumbs – The Earth, uMama ft. Khanyisa & Credo Mutwa



MAXHOSA & Yumbs – Imvukelo ft. Baby S.O.N & Credo Mutwa

“The Earth, uMama” is a powerful collaboration between MAXHOSA, Yumbs, Khanyisa, and Credo Mutwa that pays homage to the motherland and the ancestral spirits that reside within it.

With its evocative title, the song serves as a tribute to the land and the maternal figures who nurture and sustain life.

MAXHOSA and Yumbs, known for their innovative approach to music production, deliver a mesmerizing blend of traditional and contemporary sounds, incorporating elements of Afro-house and indigenous instrumentation to create a deeply immersive sonic experience.

Maxhosa and Yumbs recently worked together on Imvukelo featuring Baby S.O.N and Credo Mutwa.

Khanyisa’s soulful vocals soar over the lush musical landscape, conveying a sense of reverence and gratitude, while Credo Mutwa’s poignant spoken word passages add layer of depth and meaning to the song.

“The Earth, uMama” is more than just a piece of music—it’s a spiritual journey that invites listeners to connect with their roots and honor the sacred bond between humanity and the earth.

MAXHOSA & Yumbs – The Earth, uMama ft. Khanyisa & Credo Mutwa

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