Mellow & Sleazy – Konka Live Mix 19/21 Aug 2023



Mellow & Sleazy, the Amapiano powerhouses, have ignited excitement within the music community with the unexpected leak of “Bothata Ba Mang.”

This unreleased track, featuring the talents of Focalistic and M.J, has generated considerable buzz and anticipation among fans of the genre and these artists alike.

Mellow and Sleazy continues to be fans’ favourites as they also pulled another one-off titled Bothata Ba Mang featuring Focalistic and M.J.

The title “Bothata Ba Mang” hints at a lyrical narrative that could delve into relatable themes, potentially exploring matters of concern or everyday challenges.

Mellow & Sleazy are known for their ability to craft tracks that seamlessly blend emotive melodies with infectious rhythms, and “Bothata Ba Mang” is likely no exception. The leak of this track serves as a tantalizing glimpse into what could be a standout addition to their discography.

“Bothata Ba Mang” holds the potential to become a fan favorite, especially with the combined talents of Mellow & Sleazy, Focalistic, and M.J.

Mellow & Sleazy – Konka Live 19/21 Aug 2023

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