Mellow & Sleazy, Scotts Maphuma – Nqonqozela ft. LeeMckrazy (Leak)



Mellow & Sleazy, in collaboration with Scotts Maphuma and LeeMckrazy, deliver “Nqonqozela,” a track that serves as a canvas for soulful expression within the Amapiano landscape.

This composition is not just a collaboration; it’s a heartfelt journey that captures the essence of emotion and musical synergy.

Mellow and Sleazy made their recent when they dropped Oupa Manyisa featuring LeeMckrazy, Miano, and Jayden laa.

Scotts Maphuma’s production contributions add layers of depth, allowing the track to evolve dynamically. LeeMckrazy’s vocals become the soulful centerpiece, adding an emotive quality that resonates with the heart of Amapiano.

Mellow & Sleazy, Scotts Maphuma, and LeeMckrazy showcase their ability to create a track that not only energizes the dancefloor but also resonates with the listener on a soulful level.

Mellow & Sleazy, Scotts Maphuma – Nqonqozela ft. LeeMckrazy (Leak)

Mellow & Sleazy, Scotts Maphuma – Nqonqozelaa ft. LeeMckrazy (Leak)

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