MgucciFab & Sol Phenduka – Sofasilahlane ft. Undisputed Soul & SjavasDeDeejay



“Sofasilahlane” by MgucciFab and Sol Phenduka, featuring Undisputed Soul and SjavasDeDeejay, is a vibrant fusion of Amapiano and Gqom, creating an electrifying sonic experience that’s bound to set dancefloors ablaze.

MgucciFab and Sol Phenduka, both esteemed producers in their own right, join forces to deliver a track that’s as dynamic as it is infectious.

The pulsating beats and driving basslines characteristic of Gqom are seamlessly interwoven with the melodic elements and rhythmic grooves of Amapiano, resulting in a sound that’s both gritty and euphoric. MgucciFab’s recent was when she dropped Ethekwini featuring Donald, Starr Healer, and Exceed.

Undisputed Soul’s commanding vocal delivery adds an extra layer of intensity to the track, while SjavasDeDeejay’s masterful production ensures a seamless sonic journey from start to finish.

“Sofasilahlane” is a testament to the collaborative spirit of South Africa’s music scene, bringing together artists from different backgrounds to create something truly special.

MgucciFab & Sol Phenduka – Sofasilahlane (feat. Undisputed Soul & SjavasDeDeejay)

MgucciFab & Sol Phenduka – Sofasilahlane (feat. Undisputed Soul & SjavasDeDeejay)

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