Mnqobi Yazo – Insingizi ft. Yallunder



Mnqobi Yazo - Insingizi ft. Yallunder

Mnqobi Yazo collaborates with Yallunder in “Insingizi,” a soulful track that transcends the boundaries of Amapiano, creating a space for introspection and emotive expression.

This collaboration is not just a union of voices; it’s a musical reverie that showcases the depth and soulfulness of Mnqobi Yazo and Yallunder, resulting in a composition that invites listeners into a world of contemplation.

Mnqobi Yazo recently delivered on iQhude featuring Olefied Khetha.

The track unfolds as a journey through introspective musings, where the artists navigate the sonic landscape with a delicate touch. Yallunder’s contributions add layers of depth, creating a track that resonates with emotional authenticity.

The track becomes a canvas for introspective expression, inviting listeners to immerse themselves in the emotive tapestry crafted by these talented artists.

Mnqobi Yazo – Insingizi ft. Yallunder

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