MÖRDA & Lusanda – WH3R3 1 B3LÖNG ft. Kwamzy & Brenden Praise




“WH3R3 1 B3LÖNG” is a collaborative masterpiece featuring MÖRDA, Lusanda, Kwamzy, and Brenden Praise.

The track is a vibrant fusion of deep house and soulful elements, creating a sound that is both contemporary and timeless.

The production begins with a lush, ambient intro, setting a serene and contemplative mood. Lusanda’s soulful voice enters gracefully, delivering heartfelt lyrics about finding one’s place and purpose. Her emotive delivery is perfectly complemented by the smooth, melodic lines from Kwamzy, whose contributions add depth and richness to the track.

The new release came from his latest project titled CR4ZY!!.. EP.

Brenden Praise’s vocals add another layer of soul, creating a dynamic interplay with Lusanda’s voice. The harmonies between the two are beautifully arranged, enhancing the emotional impact of the song. The instrumental backing is sophisticated and well-balanced, featuring deep basslines, intricate percussion, and subtle synths that together create a textured and immersive listening experience.

MÖRDA’s influence is evident in the track’s polished production and seamless blending of elements.

The song builds gradually, adding layers of complexity and intensity before reaching a powerful climax. The rhythm is infectious, making it a perfect track for both reflective moments and dancefloor sessions.

It’s a standout piece that resonates with themes of belonging and self-discovery, making it a memorable addition to any music collection.

MÖRDA & Lusanda – WH3R3 1 B3LÖNG ft. Kwamzy & Brenden Praise

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