Murumba Pitch & Omit ST – Inhlitiyo ft. Afrotraction



Murumba Pitch – Umoya ft. Oscar Mbo, Omit ST, Nokwazi & Frank Mabeat

“Inhlitiyo,” a collaboration between Murumba Pitch and Omit ST featuring Afrotraction, becomes a heartfelt exploration of love and emotion.

The track seamlessly blends Murumba Pitch’s production finesse, Omit ST’s expressive delivery, and Afrotraction’s soulful vocals, resulting in a composition that resonates on an emotional level.

He opened up the track from his latest project titled Isidalo.

Murumba Pitch’s production weaves a tapestry of sound, providing a rich backdrop for Afrotraction’s soul-stirring contributions. “Inhlitiyo” becomes a fusion of elements, where each artist’s unique style enhances the overall emotional impact of the track.

The collaboration between Murumba Pitch, Omit ST, and Afrotraction results in a musical gem that invites listeners to immerse themselves in the profound beauty of deep, heartfelt connection.

Murumba Pitch & Omit ST – Inhlitiyo ft. Afrotraction

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