Musical Jazz – Days Before Nkabi EP



Musical Jazz – Days Before Nkabi EP


“Days Before Nkabi EP” by Musical Jazz is a vibrant collection of tracks that showcases the artist’s talent for blending elements of amapiano, house, and Afrobeat to create a dynamic and eclectic sound.

The title, “Days Before Nkabi,” hints at the EP’s exploration of themes related to anticipation and excitement, setting the stage for a musical journey filled with energy and emotion.

The new project holds 5 tracks working with the likes of Boips, C-kay De Djy, and a few more on it. His recent was when he worked with Fake’well and Royal Musiq on WELELE.

Musical Jazz’s infectious beats and soulful melodies captivate listeners from start to finish, while the EP’s diverse range of tracks offers something for every mood and occasion.

With its infectious energy and irresistible groove, “Days Before Nkabi EP” is sure to leave a lasting impression on fans of electronic music everywhere.

Musical Jazz – Days Before Nkabi EP

1. Musical Jazz & Boips – 2K24

2. Musical Jazz – DISCO 113

3. Musical Jazz, C-kay De Djy & Djy TT – iGedlela!

4. Musical Jazz, Dj Njabsta, Djy TT & Mordecai – Nkabi VOX

5. Musical Jazz – Phuza Amanzi (Nkabi 6)

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