Mxshi Mo & Moonchild Sanelly – Uzobuya



Mxshi Mo & Moonchild Sanelly – Uzobuya

“Uzobuya” is a vibrant collaboration that merges the infectious energy of Mxshi Mo with the undeniable charisma of Moonchild Sanelly.

This track is a sonic journey through the vibrant sounds of Gqom and Afro-house, combining pulsating beats with Moonchild Sanelly’s signature vocals to create a dancefloor anthem that is both electrifying and infectious.

Moonchild Sanelly continues to be a force in the industry. She played her recent when she worked with BALI and Audio Addicts on NGOKU.

With its irresistible rhythm and catchy melodies, “Uzobuya” is destined to become a staple in the playlists of fans of South African dance music.

Mxshi Mo & Moonchild Sanelly – Uzobuya

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