Nadia Nakai – Never Leave ft. Kash CPT



Nadia Nakai – Never Leave ft. Kash CPT

Nadia Nakai and Kash CPT join forces in “Never Leave,” a track that combines their lyrical prowess and magnetic allure to create an unforgettable Amapiano experience.

This collaboration is not just a union of talents; it’s a sonic journey that showcases the chemistry between Nadia Nakai and Kash CPT, resulting in a composition that leaves an indelible mark.

Nadia Nakai updates her fans’ library just like she did when she dropped Back In.

The track unfolds as a narrative of captivating allure and unyielding confidence, where the artists navigate the Amapiano beats with poise. Kash CPT’s verses add a layer of authenticity to the track, creating a magnetic synergy that resonates throughout.

The track becomes an anthem of self-assuredness, inviting listeners to revel in the alluring vibes crafted by these two talented artists.

Nadia Nakai – Never Leave ft. Kash CPT

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