Nasty C – Fuck That (Remix) ft. ODUMODUBLVCK



Nasty C – Fuck That (Remix) ft. ODUMODUBLVCK

“Fuck That (Remix)” by Nasty C featuring ODUMODUBLVCK offers an electrifying collaboration that merges powerful rap verses with compelling beats. The track opens with an intense rhythm that sets a high-energy and dynamic atmosphere.

Nasty C continues to dominate the Hip Hop industry just like he recently did by working with Joda Kgosi on Complicated.

Nasty C & ODUMODUBLVCK deliver a dynamic and spirited performance. The remix embodies a raw and intense vibe, portrayed through its hard-hitting lyrics and high-octane composition.

This track’s pulsating beats and powerful performances make it an impactful addition to playlists seeking energetic and intense tunes, offering a fusion of hard-hitting beats and compelling rap verses.

Nasty C – Fuck That (Remix) ft. ODUMODUBLVCK

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