Nhlonipho & Savara – Qoma



Nhlonipho & Savara – Qoma

“Qoma” by Nhlonipho and Savara is a captivating blend of Afro-pop and contemporary R&B, delivering a smooth and rhythmic listening experience.

The title “Qoma,” which translates to “Choose” in Zulu, sets the stage for a song about making choices in love and life.

Nhlonipho’s production is characterized by its lush instrumentals, featuring soothing guitar riffs, gentle percussion, and melodic keys that create a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Savara, known for his work with Sauti Sol, brings his distinct vocal style to the track, adding layers of richness and emotional depth. DJ LeSoul recently included the effort of Nhlonipho on Ngeke Ngikhone featuring Baby S.O.N, and LuMai.

His lyrical delivery is both soulful and heartfelt, exploring themes of love, commitment, and decision-making.

“Qoma” is a beautiful collaboration that highlights the unique strengths of both artists, offering a track that is both introspective and engaging.

Its blend of catchy melodies and meaningful lyrics makes it a standout piece, perfect for both relaxed listening and more reflective moments.

Nhlonipho & Savara – Qoma

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