Nobuhle – Ukhona



Nobuhle – Ukhona

In the heartfelt ballad “Ukhona,” Nobuhle showcases her vocal prowess, offering a stirring performance that transcends the dance-centric nature of Amapiano.

This track stands as a testament to the genre’s capacity to evoke deep emotions and provide a platform for artists to express profound narratives.

Her vocal delivery is poignant and soul-stirring, infusing the track with authenticity and sincerity. She made her recent when she worked with Murumba Pitch on Khongela featuring Soa Mattrix, Nobuhle, and Happy Jazzman.

Nobuhle’s ability to convey complex emotions through her vocals elevates this track, positioning it as a poignant addition to the Amapiano landscape.

Nobuhle – Ukhona

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