Oscar Mbo – Konka Live Mix | 22nd December 2023



Oscar Mbo

Oscar Mbo’s “Konka Live Mix” is a captivating auditory journey that encapsulates the essence of soulful house music.

This mix presents a seamless blend of emotive melodies, rhythmic beats, and soul-stirring tunes, curated with meticulous care by Oscar Mbo.

With expertly crafted transitions and a diverse selection of tracks, the mix invites listeners into an immersive sonic experience.

He made his recent when he worked with SGVO on Paso.

Oscar Mbo’s prowess as a DJ shines through in this mix, offering a melodic journey that flows effortlessly from one track to the next. The “Konka Live Mix” stands as a testament to Oscar Mbo’s artistry and ability to curate a captivating musical narrative that resonates deeply with enthusiasts of soulful house music.

Oscar Mbo – Konka Live Mix | 22nd December 2023

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