Prince Kaybee – Warning Signs ft. Kali Mija



Prince Kaybee – Warning Signs ft. Kali Mija

“Warning Signs” by Prince Kaybee featuring Kali Mija is a captivating track that combines.

Prince Kaybee’s signature sound with Kali Mija’s emotive vocals. The song explores the theme of love and the signs that indicate the intensity of one’s feelings.

The track opens with a melodic arrangement that immediately draws listeners in, creating an atmosphere of emotional depth and contemplation.

After the release of Cathedral, Prince Kaybee has been playing his cards strategically.

Prince Kaybee’s production expertise is evident in the intricate instrumentation, while Kali Mija’s soulful vocals add a layer of emotion that resonates with the listener.

“Warning Signs” is a testament to the power of collaboration in music.

Prince Kaybee and Kali Mija create a synergy that results in a track that’s both musically engaging and emotionally resonant.

Prince Kaybee – Warning Signs ft. Kali Mija

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