Saint Evo – Vas Dei (Original Mix)



Saint Evo – Vas Dei (Original Mix)

Saint Evo drops the original mix for this new release titled Vas Dei.

In the hauntingly beautiful collaboration between Korie Minors, DJ Jim Mastershine, and the captivating vocals of Ayah Tlhanyane, “Ghosts of Bermuda” unfolds as a melodic narrative that transcends borders.

Saint Evo recently worked with Lizwi on the original mix of Lobela.

The ethereal synergy between Korie Minors’ evocative production and DJ Jim Mastershine’s sonic finesse creates an atmospheric journey that beckons you into the mystical realm of Bermuda.

Ayah Tlhanyane’s vocals, like whispers from unseen apparitions, weave through the composition, adding a layer of emotional depth.

“Ghosts of Bermuda” is not merely a song; it’s an enchanting encounter with sonic spirits that linger in the echoes, leaving an indelible mark on the listener’s soul.

Saint Evo – Vas Dei (Original Mix)

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