Semi Tee – Tata’Poyisa ft. Mashudu, Tracy, Mdu a.k.a TRP & Mpho Spizzy



ALBUM: Semi Tee – Ramaila

“Tata’Poyisa” is another stellar Amapiano offering from Semi Tee, featuring a talented lineup including Mashudu, Tracy, Mdu a.k.a TRP, and Mpho Spizzy.

The track opens with a captivating blend of melodic keys and rhythmic percussions, immediately setting an engaging and upbeat tone. The introduction is both inviting and promising, hinting at the musical journey ahead.

He released the project from his latest album titled Ramaila.

Mashudu and Tracy’s vocal performances are a highlight, bringing a soulful and melodic touch to the track. Their voices weave through the instrumental backdrop, adding layers of emotion and depth. Mdu a.k.a TRP’s production skills shine through, with a rich, layered arrangement that keeps the listener engaged. The log drum and bassline are particularly notable, providing a solid foundation that drives the track’s infectious rhythm.

Mpho Spizzy’s contributions add another layer of complexity, with his vocal delivery adding a dynamic contrast to the track.

His verses are delivered with energy and precision, complementing the more melodic sections provided by Mashudu and Tracy. The interplay between the different vocalists is seamless, creating a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience.

Semi Tee – Tata’Poyisa ft. Mashudu, Tracy, Mdu a.k.a TRP & Mpho Spizzy

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