Shaun Stylist & Nandipha808 – Manje Monday ft. Leemckrazy, Tumilemang & Rivalz



Manje Monday is a vibrant and energetic track from Shaun Stylist, Nandipha808, Leemckrazy, Tumilemang, and Rivalz that captures the excitement and anticipation of the weekend.

With its infectious beat, catchy hooks, and high-energy performances, Manje Monday is the perfect soundtrack for kicking off the week with a bang.

Shaun Stylist recently worked on Nothando featuring Omit ST and Zee_nhle.

The track’s upbeat rhythm and pulsating bassline are sure to have listeners dancing and singing along from start to finish.

From its infectious melodies to its feel-good vibes, Manje Monday is a must-have addition to any party playlist.

Shaun Stylist & Nandipha808 – Manje Monday (feat. Leemckrazy, Tumilemang & Rivalz)

Shaun Stylist & Nandipha808 – Manje Mondayy (feat. Leemckrazy, Tumilemang & Rivalz)

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