Sims Noreng & Khanyisa – Buyela ft. Soultaker & Tshepo Keyz



Sims Noreng & Khanyisa – Buyela ft. Soultaker & Tshepo Keyz

Buyela” is a heartfelt and soulful collaboration between Sims Noreng and Khanyisa, featuring Soultaker and Tshepo Keyz.

This track beautifully merges Afro-soul and Amapiano elements, creating a rich, emotive sound that resonates deeply with listeners.

The production on “Buyela” is smooth and polished, featuring warm synths, deep basslines, and intricate percussion. Sims Noreng and Khanyisa showcase their exceptional production skills by creating a lush, immersive soundscape that perfectly complements the soulful vocals. The arrangement is meticulous, allowing each element to shine while maintaining a cohesive and harmonious feel.

Thuto The Human and Khanyisa recently worked on Ufuna Bani featuring Xduppy, ShaunMusiq, and Ftears.

Vocally, the track is elevated by the powerful and emotive performances of Soultaker and Tshepo Keyz.

Their voices blend seamlessly, delivering a poignant and heartfelt message. The lyrics of “Buyela” speak to themes of love, reconciliation, and longing, resonating with listeners through their sincerity and depth. The combination of soulful vocals and rich production creates an emotionally charged listening experience.

It’s a must-listen for fans of Afro-soul and Amapiano, offering a beautifully crafted piece of music that captivates the heart and soul.

Sims Noreng & Khanyisa – Buyela ft. Soultaker & Tshepo Keyz

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