Sponch Makhekhe – Isthembu ft. BosPianii



Sponch Makhekhe – Isthembu ft. BosPianii

“Isthembu” by Sponch Makhekhe featuring BosPianii is a captivating Amapiano track that brings together traditional African musical elements with modern production techniques.

The song starts with a strong rhythmic foundation, characteristic of Amapiano, with an engaging beat that immediately draws listeners in. The log drum, a staple in Amapiano, punctuates the track, providing a driving force that keeps the energy high.

beardbrothers and BosPianii recently worked together when they dropped OVIANTO featuring also SponchMakhekhe.

Sponch Makhekhe’s vocal delivery is rich and textured, adding a unique flavor to the track. His performance is both charismatic and compelling, conveying the themes of the song with authenticity.

BosPianii’s contribution complements Sponch Makhekhe’s vocals perfectly, adding layers of harmony and complexity to the track. The interplay between the two artists is seamless, creating a dynamic and engaging listening experience. The production is polished and well-balanced, with each element—from the percussive beats to the melodic keys—working together to create a cohesive and infectious sound.

Sponch Makhekhe – Isthembu ft. BosPianii

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