Tayllor & Aaron Sevilla – Yibona ft. Lizwi



Tayllor & Aaron Sevilla – Yibona ft. Lizwi

Tayllor and Aaron Sevilla embark on a cross-cultural exploration with “Yibona,” a collaboration that transcends borders and genres.

Featuring the enchanting vocals of Lizwi, the track becomes a harmonious blend of diverse influences, creating a musical tapestry that reflects the beauty of cultural fusion.

Lizwi’s vocals add a layer of authenticity and emotive depth to the composition, elevating it beyond conventional boundaries. The track becomes a celebration of unity and shared musical experiences.

He recently worked with Yaans on Freedom.

The track stands as a shining example of how artists from different backgrounds can come together to create something that transcends language and geography. “Yibona” becomes a cross-cultural harmony that invites listeners on a journey of musical discovery and appreciation.

Tayllor & Aaron Sevilla – Yibona ft. Lizwi

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