TCT – Imali ft. Mthandazo Gatya & Nokwazi (Full Track)



TCT - Imali ft. Mthandazo Gatya & Nokwazi (Full Track)

TCT collaborates with Mthandazo Gatya and Nokwazi in “Imali,” a track that weaves together monetary metaphors with infectious melodies, creating a rhythmic journey within the Amapiano genre.

This collaboration is not just a convergence of beats; it’s a sonic exploration that marries lyrical creativity, vocal prowess, and rhythmic innovation.

The track unfolds as a celebration of monetary metaphors, where the artists navigate the soundscape with a dynamic touch. Mthandazo Gatya’s and Nokwazi’s contributions add layers of depth, creating a track that resonates with both lyrical cleverness and dancefloor appeal.

Mthandazo Gatya continues to do more for his fans just like when he dropped Kuyalunga featuring Mnqobi Yazo and Thee Legacy.

TCT, Mthandazo Gatya, and Nokwazi showcase their ability to craft a composition that not only engages the listener but also invites them into a rhythmic journey.

TCT – Imali ft. Mthandazo Gatya & Nokwazi

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