Thabo M Ndlovu & MusiholiQ – Ngifuna Wena



Thabo M Ndlovu & MusiholiQ – Ngifuna Wena

“Ngifuna Wena” by Thabo M Ndlovu and MusiholiQ is a soulful affirmation of love and desire, delivered through the expressive lens of Amapiano.

The title, “Ngifuna Wena,” translates to “I Want You” in English, setting the tone for a heartfelt exploration of emotions.

The track opens with emotive piano melodies and a rhythmic heartbeat that underlines the emotional depth of the lyrics. He recently worked with Foliswa on Uyoze Awuchithe featuring Seluna.

Thabo M Ndlovu’s vocals convey sincerity and passion, perfectly complemented by MusiholiQ’s nuanced delivery. The collaboration between the two artists results in a track that not only resonates with the soul but also showcases the versatility of Amapiano as a genre that can convey a range of emotions.

Thabo M Ndlovu and MusiholiQ’s collaborative effort yields a track that is both poignant and melodically captivating.

Thabo M Ndlovu & MusiholiQ – Ngifuna Wena

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