TheologyHD & Lady Amar – Jiva



TheologyHD & Lady Amar - Jiva

“Jiva” is a collaborative effort between TheologyHD and Lady Amar, two rising stars in the Amapiano scene.

The title, “Jiva,” which translates to “Dance” in Zulu, sets the tone for what is expected to be an energetic and dance-worthy track.

Both artists are known for their contributions to the Amapiano genre, and their collaboration promises a fusion of their unique styles.

TheologyHD recently paired with Lekom on Umthandazo.

The track is likely to feature the signature Amapiano elements, including catchy melodies, infectious beats, and soulful vocals.

TheologyHD and Lady Amar’s synergy on this track aims to create a memorable and uplifting experience for fans of the genre.

TheologyHD & Lady Amar – Jiva

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