TOSS, Kabza De Small & Mkeyz – Changes (Teaser)



The collaboration between TOSS, Kabza De Small, and Mkeyz on the track “Changes” promises a tantalizing blend of Amapiano and contemporary African music.

As a teaser, the track offers just a glimpse into what fans can expect from these powerhouse artists. Kabza De Small, often dubbed the “King of Amapiano,” brings his signature production skills to the track, layering intricate piano melodies over deep, rolling basslines that are characteristic of the genre.

TOSS adds a vibrant energy with his dynamic vocal delivery, which contrasts beautifully with Mkeyz’s smooth, soulful tones. Toss recently worked with DJ S00K and Pabi Cooper on Gbona.

Together, their vocals weave a compelling narrative that hints at themes of transformation and personal growth. The teaser showcases a lush, immersive soundscape, with rich instrumental layers that build anticipation for the full release.

Listeners can expect “Changes” to be a standout track, merging the infectious rhythms of Amapiano with poignant lyrical content.

The chemistry between TOSS, Kabza De Small, and Mkeyz is evident even in this brief snippet, promising a full track that will be both emotionally resonant and dancefloor-ready.

TOSS, Kabza De Small & Mkeyz – Changes (Teaser)

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